Nugget Fundamentals series

If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, I did a 6 episode series on the Nugget. In this series, Steven and I talk about some of the most basic topics in climbing. We bring our top tips and most common pitfalls for each subject. The aim is to create an “evergreen” resource which we can refer folk back to as those common topics come up. Sort of like an FAQ for new climbers, or climbers breaking new ground. Listening back I think we did a solid job with these and I think they’ll make a great starting point for lots of climbers in the future.

These topics are largely skewed towards climbing outside – as I am myself – but many of the lessons are still appropriate for indoor climbers, competitive climbers, and climbers of other disciplines.

Fundamentals episode 1 – How to go on a climbing trip

Fundamentals episode 2 – How to go on a bouldering trip

Fundamentals episode 3 – How to go on a sport climbing trip

Fundamentals episode 4 – How to improve your technique

Fundamentals episode 5 – How to pick a project

Fundamentals episode 6 – How to structure your climbing year

If you listen, please drop a line to and and let us know what you think! We are contemplating a second season of these later this year and would love to hear from you.

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