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Hi! I’m Jesse, a climber, outdoor developer, training geek, and climbing philosopher.

Assessment and training brief
You fill out a holistic assessment of your climbing. I’ll help you with the big picture, and make recommendations for how to work towards your next big thing.

Consults & self-coached plans
Work with me for your climbing progression! This is the easiest way to work with me without having to wait to get on my 1-on-1 roster.

One-on-one training
Training activities for climbers of all levels. Everything is individualized for you. Work directly with me to tackle your goals head-on.

Pay-what-you-want group training
Coming soon, a group training plan that everyone can afford. We’ll go through training and technique fundamentals, and work on applying them to harder climbing.

Latest from the Blog

The Siren Song of the Board

Convenience is essential to being good at training. If you want to train hard, you need to make training easy. Living near a decent gym is huge. Most climbers have a hangboard or at least a portable finger training device at home, because it removes a barrier to getting their finger training done. And climbersContinue reading “The Siren Song of the Board”

KISS Training: Intro & April

Lots of climbers can’t afford the time/cost/energy investment of structured training. And lots of climbers make plenty of progress without those things. This doesn’t mean those things aren’t useful. But in many cases, progress is made not because of the structured training, but because of the focus that structured training requires to pursue effectively. AContinue reading “KISS Training: Intro & April”

Nugget Fundamentals series

If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, I did a 6 episode series on the Nugget. In this series, Steven and I talk about some of the most basic topics in climbing. We bring our top tips and most common pitfalls for each subject. The aim is to create an “evergreen” resource which weContinue reading “Nugget Fundamentals series”

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