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Hi! I’m Jesse, a climber, outdoor developer, training geek, and climbing philosopher.

One-on-one training
Strength training and technical programming for climbers of all levels. Everything is individualized for you. Work directly with me to tackle your goals head-on.

Pay-what-you-want group training
Coming soon, a group training plan that everyone can afford. We’ll go through training and technique fundamentals, and work on applying them to harder climbing.

Assessment and training brief
You fill out a thorough assessment of your climbing. I’ll help you with the big picture, and make recommendations for how to train for your next big thing.

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Free kettlebell & climbing strength program: The Wolf Pup

This 6-week block based on Geoff Neupert’s Wolf program should be a good challenge for an athlete who is familiar with kettlebells and training for climbing. It is not a climbing-strength-specific program, but rather a general preparatory phase. This means it would be ideal for use in an off-season, like during bad weather, or duringContinue reading “Free kettlebell & climbing strength program: The Wolf Pup”

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