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Hi! I’m Jesse, a climber, outdoor developer, training geek, and climbing philosopher.

Assessment and training brief
You fill out a thorough assessment of your climbing. I’ll help you with the big picture, and make recommendations for how to train for your next big thing.

One-time consults
This can be whatever you want: you can ask questions of a coach, get feedback on your current training, or do a follow-up on an assessment you did with me to get more clarification or guidance, etc.

One-on-one training
Strength training and technical programming for climbers of all levels. Everything is individualized for you. Work directly with me to tackle your goals head-on.

Pay-what-you-want group training
Coming soon, a group training plan that everyone can afford. We’ll go through training and technique fundamentals, and work on applying them to harder climbing.

Latest from the Blog

The Topout Guide: how to stop floppin’ and start toppin’

Topping out is anxiety-inducing for a lot of climbers. There are a few reasons for this, but most of them stem from the fact that climbing skills are terrain specific. Every topout involves a significant and often novel angle change, and each one requires a different set of movement skills, strategies, and body awareness. MaybeContinue reading “The Topout Guide: how to stop floppin’ and start toppin’”

Coach JFire on the Nugget podcast!

I sat down in June for almost 3 hours of conversation with Steven Dimmitt, and the result was this podcast! I relistened and I’m very happy with the result – he must have done a great job editing it. Anyways, the show notes are incredibly helpful and detailed as always: https://thenuggetclimbing.com/episodes/jesse-firestone and that link willContinue reading “Coach JFire on the Nugget podcast!”

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