Climbing progression, for everyone

Train with me!

Hi! I’m Jesse, a climber, outdoor developer, training geek, and climbing philosopher.

Assessment and training brief
You fill out a holistic assessment of your climbing. I’ll help you with the big picture, and make recommendations for how to work towards your next big thing.

Consults & self-coached plans
Work with me for your climbing progression! This is the easiest way to work with me without having to wait to get on my 1-on-1 roster.

One-on-one training
Training activities for climbers of all levels. Everything is individualized for you. Work directly with me to tackle your goals head-on.

Pay-what-you-want group training
Coming soon, a group training plan that everyone can afford. We’ll go through training and technique fundamentals, and work on applying them to harder climbing.

Latest from the Blog

You are not your max hang

Intuition is an essential tool for the climbing athlete. As climbing gets more popular, training and coaching inevitably follows that growth. The pressure to organize and record and meticulously obsess over every trackable detail gains momentum each day. But you are not these numbers; and if you let them, they’ll start making your decisions forContinue reading “You are not your max hang”

Why bother?

“Is it really summer if you don’t get granite rash scrapes on top of your poison oak rash?” my friend Sean joked, while we tried to stuff our things back into our packs without dropping anything essential down the abyssal holes between talus. I had just given up trying our “warmup project.” After thrashing myContinue reading “Why bother?”

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