Not sure where your climbing is going? Overwhelmed by a thousand instagram posts suggesting a million different things you should go do right now to get better at climbing? It’s not just you. We live in an age of overwhelming information. One of the best things I can do as a coach is help you cut through the noise and figure out what to do with your climbing.

When we speak in our consult, I can provide training and climbing recommendations to help you on your climbing journey.

I can also use the information we gather to create a training plan for 8-12 weeks that you can coach yourself through. These are available through the Camp 4 store.

The assessment might be for you if:
  • You’re at a plateau, and not sure what to work on
  • You have a limited or unpredictable schedule, but you still want to progress
  • You’re happy putting together your own day-to-day training, but you need help organizing your year
  • You’re not ready to commit to one-on-one, and you want to try training with me
What is in the assessment?

The assessment is very thorough, and I’m always updating it. Some climbers tell me they got a lot out of just assessing themselves. Here’s an outline of what the assessment will ask about:

  • Where you’re at: your climbing trajectory & goals
  • Your technical profile
  • Your emotional control
  • Your physical abilities (including numbers if you have them handy – there’s no testing component involved in the assessment itself!)
  • Your climbing social life
  • Videos of you climbing
  • … and more

After the assessment, we’ll meet over Zoom (or in person if you’re in the Wenatchee area) to go over the details before I make recommendations or write you training.

What will you get from it?

We’ll cover the basics in the consult:

  • A summary of you as a climber, your biggest gaps or blind spots, and what the path is from where you’re at to your goals
  • What to focus on to bring your goals into reach, and what to let go of

Depending on where you’re at in your climbing journey, we may also get into more specific recommendations:

  • Strength training suggestions based on your numbers and level
  • Technical drills based on your movement style and weaknesses
  • How to structure your weeks, months or year, depending on the scale of your goals
  • Other homework: books to read, coaches to follow, and “real life stuff” like nutrition, sleep and habit improvement
What’s in the training plan?

The training plan is a weekly planner including what sessions to do each week. This is organized into a structure for you to cut down on the guesswork. Training prescriptions are always written on a per client, per purchase basis. This is offered through Camp 4 Human Performance.

Options & purchase

Option 1: Self-assessment & consult $155
Purchase here

Option 2: Self-assessment & initial 8 weeks of programming $280 (Camp 4)
Purchase here

Option 3: Follow-up consults $105
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Got questions? Just email me.