Coaching options

In-person outdoor coaching

I am opening a limited number of half days for in-person coaching in the central WA / Leavenworth area. This is in-person technical and tactical coaching, not guiding. I will schedule days individually with clients in the order they purchased. We can cover any desired elements of technique or tactics, and I will follow up with a training brief with drills and training suggestions.

In-person outdoor coaching

Consults and self-assessments

For remote training, most people start here. The assessment is a thorough technical, tactical and emotional evaluation of you as a climber. This results in a discussion where I may make training recommendations. See more about assessments here. After the initial consult, you can schedule additional consults where we continue to discuss your climbing and re-orient your training.

Initial self-assessment & consult

Follow-up consults

8 and 12 week plans

If you want a full training plan, you can work with me on an 8 or 12-week basis. This is the same training as my 1-on-1 clients, but without Slack support or ongoing changes. I suggest purchasing 2-3 weeks ahead of your desired training period.

8-week plans from C4HP

12-week plans from C4HP (includes more meetings)

1-on-1 remote coaching

My 1-on-1 books are currently closed. Get started working with me through a self-assessment and brief, or by signing up for an 8 or 12 week training plan.

To learn more about my training, go here!