Instagram Index

Instagram is great for conveying information over time, but really rough for going back and finding information after the fact. This is an index of my Instagram posts that should be more searchable.

Picking a project (accessible, motivating, challenging)

2022 philosophy #4: do the work

Warming up with a tension flash board

Hold taps / kinesthetic priming

2022 philosophy #3: start from where you’re at

Climbing confidently & developing a habit of sending

2022 philosophy #2: motivation must be earned

Simplicity & specificity

2022 philosophy #1: form good relationships with the mundane

Hip lockoffs

Arousal level: aggression, tension, curiosity, focus. “Getting in the zone”

Reducing clutter, skill vs challenge level graph, applied flow psychology

Pad placement 101

Nov 2021 Warmup routine

General thoughts on warmup

Mental maps part 2, the processing loop (related blog post)

Tick marks make you soft

Turbulence V11, Leavenworth, WA / general thoughts on successful summer training & fall climbing season

Scarcity vs abundance mindset; climbing as a very long-term life style

Timing of physical gains, being patient with training

Mental maps part 1, the bell curve (related blog post)

Preparation for performance; practicing specific moves; Beautification V11, Leavenworth WA

Seeing goals clearly is more important than training

Examining non-physical factors in climbing performance (related blog post)

Daily practice, hip flexibility, always be practicing

Building your base with pyramids

Training the dead zone for tall climbers

Generating power from fewer contact points (Snapbacks)

Selecting problems appropriately for training

Being comfortable with not knowing, curiosity, self-discovery

One-armed climbing

Time is the only secret ingredient

Hangtime, learning to work with momentum and being comfortable detaching from the wall